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Airbus AS350 Single Squirrel

The AS350 headlines the London Helicopter Charters fleet. It's speed, power, reliability and comfort make it the number one choice for most charter flights. The aircraft we operate are approved to land at Battersea Heliport, making us one of the only single engine operators able to go into the Heliport.

Engines:                        One

Passenger Seats:         4/5/6 Depending on configuration

Cruise Speed:               120 Knots 

Top Speed:                    155 Knots 

Check out the AS350 fact sheet here


Airbus AS355 Twin Squirrel

The AS355 is the twin engine version of the AS350. Its power and speed make it perfect for fitting into small landing areas and can carry out commercial operations over areas which single engine aircraft are not permitted.

Engines:                         Two

Passenger Seats:           4/5 Depending on configuration 

Cruise Speed:                120 Knots

Top Speed:                     150 Knots

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Agusta A109

The Agusta A109 is one of the most luxurious aircraft in the skies. With its speed and reliability it is the main choice for most VIP charter flights.

Engines:                          Two

Passenger Seats:            4/5 Depending on configuration 

Cruise Speed:                  145 Knots 

Top Speed                        165 Knots

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Corporate Jets

If you are wanting to fly further a field London Helicopter Charters has access to a wide range of private jets. From Cessna Citations to Bombarder Challengers we will be able to arrange a jet to suit your needs.