Passenger Information

Thank you for choosing to fly with A2B Heli (Charters). Please find important passenger information below. 


Where you will fly from


The Brighton Buzz and Grand Expedition both depart from our head office at Brighton City Airport;

A2B Heli (Charters)

Hangar 4 

Brighton City Airport


BN43 5FF


Phone: +44 (0) 1273 440288

Please note, there is limited customer parking outside hangar 4. 


WHat to bring 

For all A2B Heli (Charters) Charter flights you will need to bring photographic identification.  Due to limited room on the aircraft we advise you only bring the essentials. 

On sightseeing flights you will only be able to take your mobile phone (In flight safe mode) and a camera. Bags and bulky coats will need to be left behind. All possessions left behind at the heliport are your responsibility. 


Other information

There is no food and drink facilities in hangar 4. However, there is a public cafe in Brighton City Airports Main terminal building. This is a 5 minute walk from hangar 4. 

We advise all passengers to arrive 30 minutes before there scheduled departure time. This will allow enough time to check in.